A CLI application to store ip addresses in the command line

Code freely available on github here.

ipster is a CLI application that stores IP addresses and their associated details in the terminal for quick access. It allows the user to easily add, list, remove, and generate SSH commands for saved IP addresses, saving generated commands to the users clipboard.

ipster in the terminal

I came up with the idea when repeatedly needing to write out the same SSH commands. I thought it would be a good project to both solve a problem I have, as well as learn Go at the same time. Overall, I'm happy with the result, given that the project is in a useable state and I learnt a lot about Go. It took me roughly two weeks between starting to learn the basics in Go to having finished this project.

Tools used

Other possible features

There a few things I may add in the future to this project, but I am fairly happy with how it is currently. Most of the features I would add are cosmetic, such as adding colour to the programs outputs, or adding a fancy text art logo like this:

         _            __           
        (_)___  _____/ /____  _____
       / / __ \/ ___/ __/ _ \/ ___/
      / / /_/ (__  ) /_/  __/ /    
     /_/ .___/____/\__/\___/_/     

But these aren't particularly neccessary to the programs functionality and may detract from its simplicity.